Where I’m from:finland
    Where I would like to live:erm. somewhere warm with a beach. portugal?
    Favourite food:chicken wok and good pasta (not all pasta is good...)
    Religion:charismatic christian ('charismatic' as an adjective of the faith, not personality)
    Sexual orientation:straight
    Single/taken:single (forever)
    Favourite book:I don't know! :/
    Eye colour:chocolate brown
    Favourite movie:Moulin Rouge!
    Favourite TV show:BBC Sherlock, BBC Fleming (ah!)
    Favourite band/singer:Florence + the Machine, Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey, Lykke Li, Grimes, Haim, Bat For Lashes...
    Random fact about me:I love you.
    Favorite day of the year:whenever I'm having a good day.
    Favourite colour:pastel blues, purples and light reds.
    What I’m listening to right now:"Kind of Woman" by Stevie Nicks ♥
    Last movie I’ve watched:Tristan + Isolde :(
    What’s my ringtone:"Frosti" by Björk
    Favourite male character from a TV show:I really don't know...
    Favourite female character from a TV show:Irene Adler
    What my name means:"juuli" translates to "july" in estonian. It also means "soft haired"?
    Favourite superhero:errrrr.... Jesus?
    Celebrity crush:LARA PULVER .


I think we all breaking down again.


i stg every time i see that “THERE IS NO HOMEWORK IN FINLAND” -post something inside me dies

we had course selections a few hours ago and it was so hard and awful and I’m glad it’s over now…. I just have to pass swedish, english, finnish and arts. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA…

I saw the best dream last night: the machine were gathered around this tiny black box (in the studio, located to the basement) listening to drum beats..while me and florence were upstairs in a bar? AND WE HELD HANDS AND SHE SPOKE TO ME ! and then I remember she handed out her drink to me and it tasted really weird. and then there was this crime going on simultaneously…? but just as I was about to ask her of album 3 I woke up :( I WANT THE THIRD ALBUM GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

My aunt has asked me to take care of her dogs in the beginning of june in a city far away from home (tampere) FOR A WHOLE WEEK and I’m scared and excited and I’ll probably get really lonely by myself….  But I get to cuddle those little furballs all day ♥ But how will I manage it?? I’m not good with walks and having confidence in their house and all that responsibility … :(